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    Another NYC billboard…

    This one is messed up!

    I agree.

    It IS messed up that that billboard is stating a FACT. The fact that over one half of all African American pregnancies end in abortion. The fact that 80+% of abortion mills are in minority neighborhoods. 

    It IS messed up.

    And yet WE are the racist ones.

    yes, you are the racist ones.
    where are you after those brown babies are born? do you speak up when they’re hunted down and beaten by the police? do you speak up against a system that systematically works to oppress them, making the decision to have a child so much harder because having a child is so much more than giving birth? are you going to help pay for their healthcare? schooling? housing? food? Where are you when it comes to discussing why the fuck is the system made so that PoC have less access to a better education, financial aid, work etc. 
    Don’t pretend to care about brown babies when they’re beaten and killed every day and you people are no where to be found.  
    Racist piece of shit. 

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    latinagabi dropping them truth bombs

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    A few years ago, I read an article where the mother of this child was actually upset at how her daughter’s photo was used.

    Here it is:

    Reminder that the claim that 80% of abortion clinics are located in minority neighborhoods is a complete and utter lie propagated by anti-choicers. The real percentage of abortion clinics located in predominantly black neighborhoods is 9%.

    63% are located near neighborhoods that are made up of mostly non-hispanic white people. [x]

    But of course instead of maybe taking a look at the reason many PoC seek out abortions, anti-choicers would rather make up statistics and cry “I’m not racist! Pro-choicers are racist because they let PoC make their own decisions!” 

    (I also love that these kinds of statements come straight from people who will appropriate tragedies like slavery, genocide, or the murder of PoC and pretend they’re equivalent to abortion. So not racist.) 

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    Good lord, this is the most stark portrayal I’ve seen of this.

    Holy crap, over nine years?

    [Tweet from Mark Mellman: “Why the poor can have ‘things’ but can’t escape poverty” with a chart showing the decline in cost over time of goods (especially steep for electronics) and the simultaneous increase in cost over time of needs like housing, healthcare, and education.]

    Keep telling people not to spend their money on shoes, though. That’ll really help.

    This is why it’s entirely reasonable that someone who can’t afford to purchase health insurance or pay college tuition has decent clothing, a “nice” TV (all TVs are “nice” now) or a smartphone. And also why people should stop making presumptions about how other people spend money.

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    Rumba Abierta (1960)

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  4. I honestly think rape is hilarious.




    Cool story, Jordan Bellomy from Columbus Ohio.  I sure hope you become less of a massive misogynist shithead once you’ve finished your growth spurt.  Hope this message doesn’t follow you around in future education and career paths, considering your real name is attached to it.  Have a good puberty!


    Send me proof that you successfully kept this kid from becoming a date-raping womanizing misogynist, and I’ll send you ten dolla

    Are you implying that it’s MY responsibility to parent this obviously under-educated little boy?

    (Oh and PS, I see some people have found and posted his address or reblogged posts with his address. DO NOT DO THIS.  TAKE THOSE POSTS DOWN NOW.)